• Top pigeons

  • NL93-1716308 'Het Mirakel' ('Miracle')

    NL93-1716308 'Het Mirakel' ('Miracle')

    One of these cocks is the NL93-1716308. This cock has won over 60 prizes, of which 9 times a 1st prize. In 1995 he became 3rd Ace Pigeon of the Friesland District. Moreover, 'het Mirakel' ('Miracle'), as this stork-colored cock is called, is their 'top'-pigeon for the so in dutch called, 'Eendaagse NPO-vluchten'. These are flights with a lot of prestige.

    This year, 'het Mirakel' was responsible for a big part of their 15th place in the standing at the National championships for long distances. This year, some of the results of 'het Mirakel' in ACG.4 for the long distances are: 3rd Troyes (862 pigeons), 8th Etampes (699 pigeons), and 2nd Lorris (586 pigeons).

    Just like many of their 'breeding'-pigeons the parents of 'het Mirakel' were bought from their 'pigeon'-friend Dick Postma from Leeuwarden. The father of 'het Mirakel' is called Napoleon and originates from a cock directly from the Borgmans brothers and a hen from 'De Klak'. The mother is called 'De Vlinder' ('the Butterfly') and she originates from the famous 'Beer-doffer' ('The Bear-cock') from v/d Hoek en a pure Tournier hen.

  • NL94-2174607 'De Sokpoot' ('Sockfoot')

    NL94-2174607 'De Sokpoot' ('Sockfoot')

    Another 'top'-pigeon is the NL94-2174607, also known as 'De Sokpoot' ('The Sockfoot'). This gentle and easy-going cock collected 46 prizes already, 5 of which were a 1st and 35 times 1 in 10.

    He frequently collects top prizes on all distances and therefore can be called an allrounder. This is supported by the fact that this year 'De Sokpoot' was 1st champion of long distances and 1st champion Natour of Rayon Leeuwarden (135 pigeon fanciers).

    The mother of 'De Sokpoot' is a pure Klak from the Schouwman-line, via Dick Postma. The father of 'De Sokpoot' is 'de Ballon' ('the Balloon'), a Klak from the 'Raketman' ('Rocketman') and 'de Witpen van 67'-lines.

  • B96-6385610 'Bekerwinnaar' ('Cup winner')

    B96-6385610 'Bekerwinnaar' ('Cup winner')

    The best hen of the past year was the B96.6385610 ('Cup winner'). Cor bought this hen at an auction of youngsters from the famous Lier pigeonmarket. The auction was organised by Rayon Leeuwarden. With these youngsters each year a separate competition is set up. The first and only time Cor has bought such a Belgian youngster it was 'bullseye'! This Belgian became a cup winner and already has won 5 first prizes.

  • NL92-1998256 'De Zesenvijftig'

    NL92-1998256 'De Zesenvijftig'

    Last but not least, I want to introduce the absolute top pigeon of the Koehoorn brothers: NL92-1998256 'De Zesenvijftig'. Until now, this blue cock has won over 80 prizes on short and middle distance, of which 7 times a 1st! He is not worn out yet because this year he has won 15 prizes on a total of 18 races. Moreover, this year the 56 became 6th champion short disatnce of the Friesland 96 District.

    The father of the 56 is a pure Klak via Dick Postma and his mother is a Norman x Klak hen. Besides the forementioned 4 top pigeons, the Koehoorn brothers can rely on a number of other top pigeons. This is supported by the fact that their racing formation for '99 consists of 32 racing pigeons which of 16 have won one or more first prizes.