• Koehoorn brothers - Goutum (Fr.)

    The Koehoorn brothers consist of the brothers Cor and Sander Koehoorn. They live in Goutum, a little village which is almost absorbed by the nearby capitol city of Friesland called Leeuwarden.

    Cor (54) has a job at the police of Friesland and is responsible for logistic affairs. The Koehoorn brothers compete with their racing pigeons at the Tearnserdyk. In the past, the Tearnserdyk was surrounded by agricultural land and one could see lapwings and migrating birds diving all around the place. Nowadays, the growing city of Leeuwarden has transformed this place to a building construction site.

    Sander takes care of the pigeons and Cor is responsible for all surrounding affairs, like the investment in new breeding material and club-related issues. The brothers complement each other perfectly, which is obvious by their chain of achieved championships of the past decade.